A recipe for Austrian pancakes (Palatschinken)

Yesterday Palatschinken – Austrian pancakes – were the topic of the day: where their name derives, general instructions to prepare them, and how fast a high tower of them can vanish in hungry stomaches.

Today I will show you one recipe for Palatschinken. I explicitly say one, because there are several of them around. Sometimes  cookbooks distinguish between piquant and sweet Palatschinken – the second category containing more milk, eggs and some sugar. But one of the big advantages of Palatschinken is their adaptability – so I will show you one general recipe, which is perfect for every variation of Palatschinken.

You need:



2 eggs
250 g/62,5 oz. flour
250 ml/8,3 fl. oz. water
250 ml/8,3 fl. oz milk

Concentrated butter

You do:

1. Mix the eggs with the flour, then ad water, milk and a pinch of salt. Avoid the formation of clumps!

No clumps in the batter
No clumps in the batter

2. Let the batter alone for about 10 minutes.

3. Put some concentrated butter in a hot (!) pan and pour in as much batter as is needed to cover the bottom of the pan. While pouring in the batter move the pan, so the batter is distributed all over the bottom. Make sure, that the Palatschinke is as thin as possible!

The batter in the pan
Palatschinke in the pan

4. Fry the batter on both sides until it has a light, golden color.

5. Collect the Palatschinken in a tower and serve them with whatever you like – on the following photo it is simply sprinkled with sugar:

Palatschinke with sugar
Palatschinke with sugar


Enjoy your meal!