Emperor spritzer (Kaiserspritzer)

Some weeks ago I started to present you drinks typically served in Viennese Heurigen taverns. The first specialty I mentioned was the white-wine spritzer, a mixture of 50 percent wine and 50 percent soda or mineral water. Then I presented you “Sturm“, a young, semi-fermented wine – quite sweet and tasty and a bit dangerous, as people underestimate its alcoholic strength.

Today I present you my favorite drink in a Heurigen tavern or other Austrian restaurants: the Emperor spritzer (Kaiserspritzer). It is prepared similar to white-wine spritzer, containing a mixture of white wine and soda. But moreover you add a bit of elderflower syrup. That makes it a drink which is likewise sweet and sour and moreover very refreshing.kaiserspritzer



14 thoughts on “Emperor spritzer (Kaiserspritzer)

      1. I’m not familiar with it. I know my parents had elder berries and made a wine out of them once. I’m not sure if the elderflowers you mention are the flowers of the elder berries I’m writing about. In any case, I think that very few Americans are even familiar with elder berries, let alone a syrup from elderflowers. If it’s not common in the grocery store it’s often unknown.

        My wider knowledge of foods come from being a country girl in New Jersey as a kid, watching a lot of cooking shows, having a European husband, studying about Asia at university, and having an inquisitive family background.

      2. Elderflowers are the flowers of elder berries says my dictionary 🙂 The syrup made of these flowers is very popular in Austria and I think also in Germany and I suppose your husband will know it. If you will visit your husband’s family the next time have a look. It’s sirup z bezovych kvetu.

        We also make syrup of elder berries, but it has a very special taste. Not everybody likes it.

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