Great-Grandmother’s Cookbook recipe # 1: Milk Bread

Last week I presented my great-grandmothers cookbook, which dates from 1924. In the last days I have examined some of the recipes in there. Some of them are quite unusual nowadays, like cooked calf head or calf brain. Others have quite strange instructions – e. g. “beat for 45 minutes”. I checked several recipes and finally decided for one of three recipes for milk bread for a first try.

I must admit: I was very skeptical. The recipe contains no egg and not much butter. But I gave it a try and was pleasantly surprised by the result. I looks great and – much more important – tastes delicious, especially with butter and jam. Moreover, it is quickly prepared and after a few days it is still fresh and humid.

I changed the recipe in one point: In 1924 Anna Wehinger, the author of the cookbook, used 20 g / 0,7 oz fresh yeast. Therefore, she had to prepare a yeast sponge. I replaced fresh with dried yeast. So, no yeast sponge is necessary.

I am looking forward to try the next cookbook’s recipe!

You need:

milk bread ingredients

– 500 g/ 17,6 oz flour
– 50 g/ 1,8 oz raisins
– 250 ml/ 8,4 fl oz milk
– 60 g/ 2,1 oz sugar
– 80 g/ 2,8 oz butter
– dried yeast (enough for 500 g/ 17,6 oz flour – please consult the instructions on the package)
– 1 pinch of salt
– 1 egg yolk

You do:

1. Carefully heat milk, sugar and butter on the stove. They should only become lukewarm.

2. In a big bowl mix flour, yeast, raisins and salt. Make sure that yeast and salt don’t touch each other.

3. Add warm milk to flour and knead well until you get a soft dough. It should be a bit sticky.

4. On a warm place let the dough rest for about one hour.

5. Knead the dough again and form a loaf (I used a breadbasket).

6. Let it rest again for about 30 minutes on a warm place.

7. Place the loaf on a baking sheet with baking paper, cover with whisked egg yolk and bake in the warm oven (170 ° C/ 338 ° F) for about 45 minutes. If necessary, cover it with aluminium foil during baking to make sure that it doesn’t become too dark.

8. Let the loaf rest and cut into slices. Enjoy with butter and homemade jam or honey.

milk bread