Viennese Christmas Market: Upper Belvedere

Last Saturday was a sunny, but very cold day, and we decided to visit the Christmas market near Belvedere Castle. There we not only found delicious punch, but also tasty sweets and handicraft. It was the perfect start into the Advent season!

A cold and icy day…
Handicraft at Belvedere Christmas Market
Accessories for Nativity Scene
Christmas decoration in all varieties
Tasty sweets 🙂
Orange Punch and Schilcher Punch in cute mugs
Christmas tree at Belvedere Christmas Market is made of sledges

49 thoughts on “Viennese Christmas Market: Upper Belvedere

      1. I know. I just have to convince my hubby to take me there next time we’re in CZ together.

        Coincidentally, my husband is in Brno today and tomorrow (while I’m home alone in New Jersey with my parrot). I see that’s particularly close to Vienna. It would be nice to be in CZ today since it is the eve of Saint Nicholas day. They have nice traditions for this day, especially for kids. This day isn’t even recognized in the US, except maybe a mention in a Catholic church.

        I was thinking about writing a post about Czech Christmas traditions because they are notably different than in the US, but I’m not sure how interested my followers would be. The food at Christmas there probably wouldn’t be that appealing (carp dishes). The yummiest stuff is their potato salad and Christmas sweets, which are probably very similar or the same as in Austria.

      2. Yes, Brno is really close to Vienna – two hours by train. And it’s such a beautiful city! Saint Nicholas is also popular in Austria, especially among children. I thought about making a post about it, but I didn’t find time. Maybe next year… This year I’m busy with Christmas cookies 🙂
        Food in Czech Republik and Austria is really similar – also in Vienna they eat carp dishes etc. But my mum doesn’t like to eat a kind of fish that lives on the ground of lakes in the mud, so we never had carp.

    1. I suppose you can’t escape 🙂 Christmas trees and Christmas decoration is everywhere. If you have a bit of time I would recommend to go to see the Christmas market in the Altes AKH (University Campus nowadays) near the University. It is in a courtyard in a beautiful baroque ensemble, and there are not that many tourists there.

      1. Good morning – I nominated you for the Christmas tag today. I know you are quite busy, but nevertheless I hope you find time to answer the questions. It’s a nice tag to put people in the right mood for Christmas.

      2. Thank you Kerin, I hope to find some time to answer all of the questions and thank you for the nomination.. even if I don’t find time to do so, know that I’m very thankful and can’t wait to read more of your amazing posts and recipes! Happy holiday season!

  1. Ja solche Märkte können einem begeistern.ich schieße meine Fotos für die Märkte uns Spaziergänge so gut wie immer aus der Hüfte mit einer kleinen Kamera, schau gar nicht auf das Display ,halte die kamera so das niemand etwas bemerkt. Mache unzählige Fotos und suche dann aus.
    Gruß Schnippelboy

      1. Thank you Karin,

        You have the mug pictured above: “Orange Punch and Schilcher Punch in cute mugs”
        The two punch mugs are pictured above the Christmas tree made of sledges.

        I thought they were yours.

        Thank you very much

  2. Yes, I thought maybe you bought the mug with the punch. If you know of anyone that may have one, and wants to sell it, please let me know. I know it would cost much.

    You can email me, you have my email address?

    I hope you do not mind me asking.

    Thank you

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