December 24th

In Austria, December 24th is the day when Baby Jesus (Christkind) brings presents, when we light the candles on the Christmas tree and when people come together. There exist several traditions regarding food on this day: Catholic faith is widespread in Austria, and Advent season is a period of fasting. So, traditionally dishes on December 24th are simple and lean. Fish in all variations is very common, but also bratwurst with sauerkraut.

In my family, we traditionally serve bratwurst with potato salad and pretzel rolls for lunch, accompanied by beer, or beer mixed with lemonade. Normally we host guests at this time of the day, as I have described in the Christmas Tag.

potato salad bratwurst

In the evening it becomes even simpler: This year we had mixed cold cuts, cheese, eggs, raw vegetables and mayonnaise salad (made of potatoes, carrots, peas and pickled gherkins) accompanied by sparkling wine, and afterwards fruit salad and orange punch.

Christmas evening

And then Baby Jesus came and brought the presents 🙂

22 thoughts on “December 24th

  1. Weniger ist manchmal mehr 😉 Sieht super lecker und sehr schoen angerichtet aus !
    Wuenschen Euch noch weiterhin besinnliche Tage und dann einen superguten Rutsch ins Jahr 2018 !!

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