Poppy Seed Strudel

After hour holiday north of Vienna, in an area where a lot of poppy seed is cultivated, I got a taste for poppy seed bakeries. This recipe combines two typical elements of Austrian cuisine: strudel and … poppy seeds. Poppy seed strudel seems to be one of the most popular pastry in Austria: besides nut strudel and Linzertorte you can find it (of course industrially produced) in every supermarket.

However, one never knows what chemical ingredients these industrially made products contain. So, a homemade strudel is a perfect alternative. This one is not too difficult to prepare. It is made of yeast dough, so the preparation needs a lot of waiting time.

You need:

Poppy Seed Strudel Ingredients

– 280 g/ 9,9 oz plain flour
– instant yeast for 280 g/ 9,9 oz flour (please consult the instructions on the back side of the package)
– 130 ml/ 4,4 fl oz milk
– 2 tablespoons butter
– 3 tablespoons sugar
– 1 egg
– 1 pinch of salt
– 1 whisked egg for brushing

Poppy Seed Strudel Ingredients

– 150 g/ 5,3 oz ground poppy seeds
– 3 tablespoons sugar
– 8 g/ 0,3 oz vanilla sugar
– 130 ml/ 4,4 fl oz milk
– lemon zests
– orange zests
– 4 tablespoons raisins
– 3 tablespoons rum (optional)

You do:

I. Prepare the yeast dough

1. Carefully heat butter, sugar and milk on the stove until lukewarm.

2. In a big bowl mix flour, salt and yeast. Make sure salt and yeast don’t touch each other.

3. Add egg and milk-sugar-butter mixture to flour and knead to a soft dough. Add some more flour if necessary. However, the dough should remain a bit sticky.

4. Let rise on a warm place for about one hour.

5. Knead again and let rise again for about 30 minutes.

II. Prepare the filling

1. Soak raisins in rum (if you don’t want to use rum, you can take warm water).

2. On low heat bring milk slowly to boil.

3. Remove from stove and add ground poppy seeds, sugar, lemon zests, orange zests and soaked raisins (not rum or water!).

4. Stir until you get a soft and spreadable mixture. Add some more milk if necessary.

5. Let rest for about 15 minutes, stir from time to time.

III. Prepare the strudel

1. Preheat oven on 180 ° C/ 356 ° F.

2. Roll out dough in a rectangular form. That needs a bit of patience – yeast dough is quite resistant to take a shape.

3. Spread poppy seed filling on one half of the dough.

4. Fold the edges on the left and right side so that the filling can’t escape and roll and close the strudel carefully.

5. Put either into a greased baking tin or on a baking tray.

6. Brush with whisked egg and pierce several times with a fork.

7. Bake for about 25 to 30 minutes. If the strudel becomes too dark cover it with aluminium foil.

8. Let strudel cool and enjoy!

Poppy Seed Strudel


27 thoughts on “Poppy Seed Strudel

  1. Yum! I definitely want to try to make this sometime soon. I think I mentioned to you a while back that I have some unground poppy seeds I need to use. I need to ask hubby where he put the poppy seed grinder he bought me recently.

    Poppy seed and nut strudels are often available in local bakeries, but I am sure they don’t hold a candle to your recipe. I remember the very best poppy seed strudel I ever had was from a real old Hungarian bakery near an old boyfriend’s house. Hubby says that they also make them in Czech Republic.

    About how large of a dough rectangle do you roll out? You can tell me in centimeters approximately. I confess I usually use phyllo dough for my strudels. Actually, hubby himself is the main strudel baker in my household. He always makes rhubarb strudel. That’s his ultimate favorite.

    1. Thank you 🙂 Hmm, rhubarb sounds great 🙂 Phyllo dough has a different texture and consistency than yeast dough. Phyllo dough can be compared to Austrian strudel dough – at least if I trust the internet 🙂 And so I’m not sure if it is the right basis for a strudel with nut or poppy seed-filling. In Austria we primarily use it for fruit like apples, grapes or rhubarb …
      To the size of the dough rectangle – I estimate it was about 80 cm to 40 cm. It was quite thin at the end….

      1. Of course I’d try your yeast dough with the poppy seed filling. I was just mentioning that we use the phyllo dough with things like apple strudel because my husband says the yeast dough is a challenge to make. But I’ll take on that challenge sometime soon.

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