Hugo Cocktail

In 2005, Hugo Cocktail was invented in South Tyrol. Since then it spread all over Austria and Germany and is nowadays one of the most popular summer drinks. Its refreshing taste derives from mint leaves, which you serve in a mixture of elderflower syrup, dry Prosecco and soda water. And of course balcony is the perfect place to enjoy Hugo in the evening.

26 thoughts on “Hugo Cocktail

      1. In Italy, they make a spritzer with Prosecco, but they add bitters to it with an orange on top. I drink it, but it is so bitter tasting. I think I would like yours better!

  1. I’m definitely going to try one. My herb garden always has loads of mint. I just have to wait a little. My only perennials that are up in abundance are chives and lovage. I’m yet to plant annuals. I like that it has prosecco and not a harder liquor. I only drink wine and beer nowadays.

    1. You are absolutely right! But I observed, that summer drinks here never contain harder liquor. We even have a special “summer white wine spritz”, which contains more soda than wine. You can order in the restaurants and everybody knows what you want 🙂

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