Mountain Tour to the Schneeberg

Schneeberg is the highest mountain in Lower Austria and, with its 2.067 m (6.811 ft), can bee seen from Vienna and even from the Slovakian capital Bratislava (Preßburg). It is located in the borderland between Lower Austria and Styria and is one of the Northern Calcareous Alps.

It not only provides drinking water for Vienna, which is transported via a 120 km (75 mi) long pipeline to the Austrian capital, but is also a worthwhile destination for excursions especially on hot summer days.

120 years ago the first rack-and-pinion railway was built. It climbs to a high of 1.800 m (5.900 ft). That reduces the way to the summit to a walk of approximately two hours. But there are also a number of other walking routes for walkers from the foot of the mountain.

Schneeberg Railway

We visited Schneeberg last Friday and had an interesting, but also strenuous day. When we came home, we were absolutely done – but we were fascinated by the views, the landscape and the flora and fauna in the area. Schneeberg is definitely worth a visit!

Schneeberg Empress Elisabeth Memorial Church
The Empress Elisabeth Memorial Church near the mountain railway station. It was built in 1901 to remember Empress Elisabeth, who was assassinated in 1898.




Schneeberg summit
Summit Cross