Cucumber Potato Salad

Last week was a very busy week. Almost every evening I came home late and I didn’t feel like cooking. So simple and quick dishes were the order of the day – for example sausages with this delicious cucumber potato salad. It is easy to make and full of taste, especially if you are a garlic-lover 🙂

In this recipe it is important to add potatoes to cucumber while they are still hot. This way they soak up all the cucumber juice, the garlic taste and vinegar and oil.

If you don’t like cucumbers, a potato salad will do it as well.

You need (for two):

cucumber potato salad ingredients

– 1 small cucumber
– approx. 5 potatoes
– 1 (or more) garlic cloves
– approx. 1/2 teaspoon salt
– vinegar
– corn oil

You do:

1. Cook potatoes until tender (approximately 30 minutes).

2. If you don’t have an organic cucumber, peel it. Otherwise wash cucumber. Then cut into thin slices and mix with salt. Leave for 20 minutes until the juice comes out.

3. Peel potatoes and cut into thin slices while they are still hot. Add hot potato slices to cucumber.

4. Season with pressed garlic clove, vinegar and oil and serve while still lukewarm.

5. Enjoy!